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Book your Party or Vacation Package with Platinum Party Rentals and you’ll have access to all the best in Private Chefs, Massage Therapists, Professional Drivers, Tour Operators, Bars/Discos, Restaurants, Party & Fishing Boats and much more that Jaco has to offer.  We will help you to create The VIP Vacation Experience that you are deserving during your vacation. Whether you want to chill in hammock or party like a rock star, we will set it all up for you and make sure it all goes smoothly from start to finish. Everything you need for an amazing Jaco Beach Party Event will be set up and ready.  You just need to show up and we will take care of the rest!




All of our 3+ night rentals include all the freebies and offers in the Standard Package including a Welcome Basket, Concierge Service, Daily Cleaning, Doorman, Shopping Service, and several BOGO offers to help you save a lot money for some great Jaco Platinum VIP services that we offer.  Whichever package you choose you will get Professional VIP Concierge Services from our own local Hospitality Superstars!  

NOTE: All options and services (tours, fishing charters, chefs, massages, extra airport transfers) are required to be booked with Jaco Platinum VIP to receive the included booking options. Extra options/services at additional cost are listed in the Price Sheet attachment(ask for us to send it if needed). Book outside Jaco Party Rentals and you will forfeit all included services and pay for the ones you used if applicable according to the prices in the Price Sheet attachment.  NO SUBSTITUTIONS FOR INCLUDED SERVICES OR DISCOUNTS FOR SERVICES UNUSED. NO CASH VALUE. INCLUDED SERVICES MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE


ALL-INCLUSIVE JACO COSTA RICA PARTY PACKAGES WITH PLATINUM PARTY RENTALS will be without a doubt one of the most incredible and awe-inspiring vacations you will ever experience. See below for all the unbelievable details of all 3 All-Inclusive Package.



All of our packages come with both a day and night bilingual concierge who will come and see your daily.  They will see if you need any assistance as well as offer you suggestions on the best places to go and see in Jaco as well as make sure everything on your itinerary goes smoothly and on time.  The concierges are very proactive and will surpass your expectations with their quality service and friendly attitude.


How great it is to wake up to a chef cooking you breakfast and than after a long day having an incredible home cooked dinner of your choice with all of your friends. Our exclusive team of Jaco Platinum VIP chefs are the best in Jaco, and will produce spectacular meals so that your group can eat like royalty.

We offer a wide variety of styles and cuisines, including American Classics, Fresh Sushi & Seafood, Surf & Turf, Vegetarian & Vegan, Italian, Mexican, and more…Jaco Platinum VIP chefs, with years of experience, are prepared and ready to serve your diverse group and meet and surpass your expectations.

You get a BOGO lunch/snack in every Standard VIP package. Our amazing chefs will cook lunch or a snack for you. If not busy that day, have a great lunch at home or if you are doing tours or out for the afternoon the chef can cook you snacks before or after you leave them for you when you return to the kitchen. Note a pre-tip and the price for groceries are not included. Veggie meal options available. – Food is served between 1 pm to 3pm for lunch (or chefs can leave food in the kitchen).

Menu Options:
Your chef will go to the grocery store (or market) to purchase the necessary items for your meals. The receipt is presented to you for reimbursement with no mark-up or additional charge. Or the best option is to choose from the pre-selected menu if the food options meet your group’s needs and requirements.


Jaco Beach, Costa Rica is home to some of the best tours & excursions in the country. Some are based in Jaco while others not too far away. We work with the areas most professional, safest, and highest quality tour operators in Costa Rica. When you book with Jaco Platinum VIP you will enjoy the best tours, guides, and service that Jaco has to offer.

From Zip Lining (famous in Costa Rica) through the trees, learning to surf in the Pacific Ocean, rappelling down a waterfall, to riding ATV’s through streams to waterfalls in the mountains we offer tours that fit every group’s wants and needs. White water rafting is only 1.5 hours away as well as Manuel Antonio National Park where you can see the nicest beaches in Costa Rica along with monkeys and sloths. Or if you just want to chill, do the Crocodile or Monkey tour as you go down a river relaxing on a boat while seeing animals, wildlife, and nature. See our tours page for all the tours we offer and get ready to make memories with your friends that will last a lifetime.


Our Standard VIP comes with every property rental from 7 pm to 5 am.  The doorman will be there to greet you when you arrive as well as to watch your property while you are gone. They will monitor the guests you want to enter and not let in anybody that does not belong there. This is a great feature that all groups love and so will you. 


The DJ’s & Bartenders offered by Jaco Platinum VIP are great additions to any parties or meals you have at your property. DJ’s will play all of your favorite music from back home with a mix of popular music from Costa Rica that will give your event an amazing vibe to sing, party, and dance all day or night long.  Our bartenders will mix and serve your favorite cocktails for your group whether you’re relaxing by your pool or throwing a party over dinner or at your private disco.   Time restrictions apply : 10am to 2pm – 12pm to 4pm – 5pm to 9pm.  Note the DJ can play later (if available) if he plays inside your property/private disco only. 


A great way to spend an afternoon at sea… Jaco Platinum VIP offers Private Party Boat Rentals for you and your group of friends and family. You can also invite some locals if desired. Cruise by Jaco Beach and the Pacific Coast. Do a little fishing, drinking, dancing, beach-hop, and even jump in the ocean while listening to party music on the boat.

Half day cruises start at around 12 noon and get back to land at around 4pm. The prices include transportation to and from the boat and some water, beer, soft drinks and a little food too – Bringing more of whatever you want with you is a good idea and you can stop at the grocery store on your way if needed. Full day private charters to Tortuga Island also available. This is a great way to spend some time on the water, jump in the ocean, visit a private beach and party with your friends and family.

The half day is perfect with 4 hours of cruising up and down the coast around Jaco Beach and Los Sueños Marina, with a couple of stops at some secluded beaches. The full day charter is ideal if you want to have a private boat take you to Tortuga Island so that you can enjoy the island and water activities, eat lunch, drink tropical cocktails, as well as check out the quiet beaches where tourist boats don’t go. See the party boat link to see the prices and details of each party boat as well to see what each tour includes.


One massage total come free with every Standard VIP Package. Deep tissue or relaxation. Our massage therapists come to your villa for a 55 minute session. Massages can be done in the living room, balcony or poolside depending on where you prefer. Just lay back and enjoy! Discounted rates available when pre-ordering a package or getting an upgraded service package for your group.


A party during the day by your pool – Porque no? Invite some visitors or just party with your group of friends. A Jaco Platinum VIP Chef will prepare some appetizers and grill up some chicken, hamburgers, and sausages along with great sides too while a bartender makes your favorite cocktails and serves up cold beers to keep the party flowing while at the same time the DJ is playing all your favorite tunes. Eat, swim, dance and have few libations – Now that’s great day! Time restrictions apply : 10am to 2pm – 12pm to 4pm – 5pm to 9pm. Note the DJ can play later (if available) if he plays inside your property/private disco only.


Our goal is to hook you up (no pun intended!)
Fishing Charters from Los Sueños Marina in Costa Rica
Yet another Costa Rica bachelor party standard, spend the day drinking beers and reeling in trophy fish aboard one of our top producing charter boats located around 20 minutes from Jaco at the Los Sueños Marina. Internationally known as the fishing capital of Costa Rica and Central America, this is a great opportunity to catch the one that you have always dreamed about.

The BEST Boats + the BEST Captains = The BEST Results!
Whether you have lots of sport fishing experience, or are a casual fisherman, our staff will help you choose the most appropriate charter boat for your group. We offer full day off shore fishing, on a wide variety of top-producing boats with qualified captains and first mates, where you could catch Blue and Black Marlin, Sailfish, Yellow Fin Tuna and more… Also available are incredible inshore fishing charter options where you can catch Mahi-Mahi (Dorado), Rooster Fish, Wahoo, and Red Snapper to name a few.


Available for 15 consecutive hours per day, have a private driver with 20 passenger minibus available to take your group to clubs, restaurants, the marina, throughout Jaco as well as Los Suenos and Hermosa Beach.  With this option you never need to wait for taxis and everyone can drive together which is a great luxury for your trip.  Does not run past 2:30 am. 


Daily light cleaning is included for all rentals for free.  A cleaning lady will arrive at your property around 9 am and start with the common areas and then will then move to your bedrooms as you wake up.  This service will keep your place nice and tidy for the duration of your trip. 


Before Arrival – We offer the best customer service in Jaco with fail.  After you send your deposit our Customer Service Department will help you plan your trip itinerary from A to Z so when you arrive to Costa Rica your amazing vacation begins without stress.  They will have everything planned for your group of everything you requested from airport transfers, tours, chefs, etc. 
After Arrival – Once you arrive our office staff and concierges will assist you with anything you need.  They will make your sure your itinerary is followed and add the things if needed. 


This is a great free service that all groups enjoy.  Before you arrive to Costa Rica Customer Service will send you a shopping list.  Just pick the items you want and we will have all the items you selected in your property upon arrival.  You will reimburse us from the store reciept when you check-in at the office.  Note an average shopping list usually costs between $500 to $700 depending on how much beer you buy. 

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