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Jaco, Costa Rica has been the focal point of the Central Pacific Coast for a couple of decades; it is a Costa Rica tourism hotspot. The small Costa Rica town and beach lures surfers, beach lovers, party goers and those who seek a swim/surf/shopping/nightlife combination. Playa Jaco is the closest beach to San Jose in the province of Puntarenas. It has an incredible choice of restaurants, private houses, restaurants, lounges and clubs, and some of the greatest waves in the country. Near Jaco you can find other popular Costa Rica beaches and the best tours Costa Rica has to offer  like ATV, horseback riding, white water rafting, zip lining and more!


The most popular bar, disco and restaurant are on the same small street in the middle of Jaco known as the JPZ.   On this tiny street that goes from the main street to the ocean you will find everything you need to party from happy hour until late into the night.  Eat, drink, watch sports, gamble or to even just people watching this street has it all and is an amazing place to enjoy your evening.  Note we offer 3 private resort-style places in the JPZ but they are for the party people only as it is loud until the clubs close but if coming to Jaco to party stay in the JPZ!


Jaco is famous for the most popular party bar in all Costa Rica. Its the Cocal Bar in the Hotel Cocal and Casino. You will find plenty of girls to party with starting around happy hour until around 11pm when people start leaving to go to all the disco’ s in Jaco. At the Cocal the most popular bar is outside next to the swimming pools and Cocal Casino. The food is good and there is good music playing over the speakers and many nights they will have a DJ too. There is also another bar and restaurant that is beachfront too which is great to enjoy the sunset and people watch at the same time. This is a “must-go” at least one time during your vacation if not more. And yes there is a small casino onsite too with card and dice options if you want to partake in some gambling and chance.

There are 2 good beach bars that have good bar food and our favorite being The Point. Having a nice drink and watching the sunset is never a bad way to spend your afternoon. If looking for Craft Beer and a great locals spot than the Jaco Bar is a good option. It is located on the 2nd floor in the middle of town with a outside patio facing the main street. The bar starts getting lively starting at happy hour and the food is good too. Live bands and Dj’s also play most evenings.


Party like a Rockstar at best and nicest disco in Jaco by a very large margin is the Republik Lounge and Disco which is less than a minute walk from the Cocal Casino on the same small street.  It has great a/c, super nice VIP Tables around the dance floor, as well as a ton of bathrooms so you don’t have to wait like in most other clubs.  Republik Disco offers you VIP Bottle and Table Service as well as the best DJ’s that Costa Rica has to offer.  Dj’s play from hip-hip to reggaeton and the vibe in the club will make you want to party all night. This is a “must-go” at least one time during your vacation to see how the locals party which is a sight to see.  Another good disco is Orange Pub which is around a 5 minute walk away. 

Jaco Restaurants

Your best option for meals is with a private chef without fail.  However if you want to explore the Jaco Restaurant scene let your concierge know and they will assist on the best choices for your groups depending on what you want to eat and your budget.  Most nice sit-down restaurants are fairly expensive but there are a ton of restaurant choices in Jaco including Steak, Chicken, Sushi, Thai, Seafood, Italian, among others. Our favorite high-end restaurant is Lemon Zest which is a little pricey but has a great menu and the service is excellent.    
Costa Rican Restaurants (called Sodas) are best for lunch and usually are buffet style. There are a couple of good ones in Jaco and our favorite being Soda Garabito.  You can eat for less than $10 per person including a drink too.  A normal meal at a Soda is a protein (usually fish or chicken) with rice, beans, and a small pasta salad. 

There are also a ton of casual restaurants as well serving hamburgers, sandwiches, fried chicken, to pizza so whatever you are in the mood for just let your concierge know and they will lead you in the right direction. There are not many USA fast food franchises in Jaco but there are a few including Pizza Hut, Subway and KFC. 

Jaco Coffee and Ice Cream Shops

As expected you can drink some of the best coffee in Central or South America in Jaco.  Opening early in mornings until early evenings there are coffee shops all over Jaco.   The best 3 coffee shops are The French Bakery on the north side of Jaco on the main street,  El Bohio on the main street in the middle of town and Cafetero’s (Colombian owned) in Jaco Walk Shopping Center off the main street on the south side of town.  In Jaco Walk Shopping Center you will also find a ton of restaurants for lunch and dinner as well as ice cream kiosks,  and is a popular hang out for Americans.  Note the French Bakery has a better pastry selection (and they serve breakfast) than the other 2 but the coffee is equally good at all 3 places.  Our favorite place is Cafetero’s which also serves great Colombian empanadas and the owners are awesome!
Believe it or not Jaco has great places for both ice cream and gelato.  For the best gelato go to El Barco (Italian owned) in the middle of town on the main street where it’s also a great place to sit on the patio and people watch.  For ice cream we recommend Pop’s Ice Cream Shop also in the middle town (close to El Barco) where you can get tons of flavors along with sundae’s and banana splits.   Pop’s also has air conditioning and it is a great place to go and escape the heat. 

Why Jaco?

Jaco is the best place for any type of event in Central America. Period!









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